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day 12

My now 12 days of breathing problems, and the shopping problems that go with it, have had a real affect on my food cravings. Before I went to bed yesterday, I thought about how great it would be to get to the dollar store and get a dollar bag of pretzel sticks & some cheddar cheese dip, some Welch's Concord grape juice, and enough boxes of mac & cheese and cans of tuna to get me to August 3.

That didn't happen, but I forced myself out to the only place that takes food stamps and I can navigate on foot without someone calling 911 for an ambulance. I got an overpriced gallon of milk, a cheese cake and coffee cake, and some danish.

I had a couple of dollars of cash left, so on the way back I made a rare visit to Hardees (the one here closed years ago) and got their two bacon & egg biscuits for $2.50. I waited until I was back home and breathing evenly before I ate the biscuits, and they were the best thing I've tasted in a week. Way better than the baked goods.

I made my daily "I'm alive" call to my sister yesterday. She was talking about me going to the chiropractor. I told her that time spent in different sleep positions has different effects on my back, and that yesterday was a rough day because of that. I mentioned that I really wish I had access to a pool so I could relieve the compression on my spine a bit and maybe get everything back where it belongs. She thinks I should go back to Golds. I called there yesterday morning to see what it would take to get me back in on a month to month basis. The salesperson was to call for some kind of approval before making me an offer. I waited a couple of hours for her to call back, then gave up and went to bed.

But first I headed out to the McDonald's drive-up to clean out my debit card on the dollar menu. When I opened my door at a baking hot two in the afternoon, I saw that the door knock the previous day wasn't about my power bill. There was a package from Avon addressed to my neighbor who apparently is on vacation. The package was leaned up against my front door for about 24 hours. It's amazing that no drunks carried it off. I hope there was nothing in it that could melt in the sun.

I'm still watching the Zatoichi movies. Not being a cycling fan saves me a lot of ADD type web searches for things. Since getting into or out of the chair leaves me breathless, I'm willing to settle into the relative comfort of the broken couch for an hour and a half and read subtitles.

Basically, the guy is a masseur who has been blind, and as of the 1963 films, he's acquired great sword-drawing skills, spent time doing bad things for the yakuza, and since the movies are going, he travels around trying to earn his keep. But each town seems to have rival bosses and gangs, and a young woman who needs help, and after a while wants to marry him. You know the films were well done if I'm willing to watch and read subtitles for hours a day.

There's a form of sword study using samurai type swords where you draw the sword and cut in the same basic motion. You have to be able to do it from a kneeling position, or standing, or whatever. Zatoichi always has at least three, more likely twenty guys wanting to kill him at a time, so he can't do them all like that, but he's got some pretty impressive tricks he does with candles or persimmons.

Contador's CAS hearing is delayed until November thanks to the people at WADA, who apparently have secret research going on. They still haven't mentioned the nine soccer players.

There are rumors about the Lance investigation. I'd love to see that extravaganza get started with people reporting what the witnesses testify. It would sure fill the gap before the new TV season.

I've given up Hell's Kitchen because it brings out too many negative emotions in me (like wanting to slap that one chick). So my day started with Master Chef, Pretty Little Liars, and White Collar.

This chair is killing me, so I'm going to give Golds a call, then get comfy for more swordplay. Thirteen films to go.

9:24 a.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2011


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