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I haven't been paying attention, so I can't really catch you up.

Remember the video with the cyclists who got hit by the car? An ESPN TV football guy announced that the video was funny, and said he laughed and laughed as he watched it over and over. Pro cycling fans did not take that well, and started contacting him on twitter. He made fun of them for his 100,000 followers, then bragged that not only had he not been suspended, but he was on some big show. I've got a $3 ESPN Magazine subscription, so I contacted them via the website about what was going on, and telling them I won't renew. I got an e-mail response saying they showed my note to the producers. People started bombarding the guy and all ESPN accounts on twitter, calling for him to be fired. An apology showed up on his twitter, then it went quiet for a bit, then he replied arrogantly to two of his fans about the whole thing. My own involvement only lasted as long as it took me to tell you about it.

I've snuck out during a post-storm break in the heat and brought in more provisions. I failed yet again on the frozen cookie dough and dollar packs of mini candy bars. I am settled in on meals of light yogurt, peanut butter and cherry preserves on high fiber, no high fructose corn syrup bread, steak egg & cheese sandwiches on the same. 2 kinds of fruit juice and a beer. I just replaced my wallpaper of a sword lesson from Game Of Thrones to one telling me my next weight goal is the biggest thing in my life right now.

The long wall of my L shaped living room is a decent length, then there's a few more feet to the side for the bedroom entrance, and in a straight shot from the front door, there's the entrance to the spare (junk) room that I used as an office until I had to sell my air filter on eBay and move my desk away from the Black Plague. A while ago, I decided that since walking gives me breathing issues, and we've had hot humid days with red ozne level warnings, I'm going to clear that wall in both rooms. I'll walk back and forth like a shooting gallery bear. There are no hills. I can do it as many times during the day or night as I want. I can play music. I can control the pace. I can push until I need to stop, without that happening a mile away. If I get on the Lifecycle 5 minutes at a time and just pedal, I can make some decent fitness gains while losing weight from diet, and looking forward to exercising outdoors after Labor Day. It's not normally good to postpone things like that until tomorrow, bit it is 11:35 P.M. and I'm about to watch Big Brother After Dark for three hours.

If you're willing to watch a couple of hours of cycling this year, with mountains and waterfalls and castles and chateaus,Saturday is a good bet.

I've been on the supplements for a bit now. There's a definite difference. I'll wake up after 8 hours, and instantly remember that I really need to get out and buy fish food. Or I'll wake up and be able to tell you every item I bought from the supermarket the night before, and where each thing ended up (like which shelf of the refrigerator, and where exactly. And I have ideas like the indoor walking one without even looking for an idea. It's still not the old days, but cardio fitness has a big connection with brain activity and memory, and I'm at the wrong end of the spectrum on that right now. I could make some significant gains in everything by the end of year, including self esteem and wearable wardrobe, but I need to stay on everything I'm taking.

Tonight I watched half an episode of a new Syfy show called Legend Quest. A guy who claims to be a Knight Templar decided he knew where to find the Ark Of the Covenant. He went to Africa, spotted 2 clues that led him to another country, and talked to a guy that led him to a third country. He thinks he got close. And they covered it all in half of an hour long episode, so maybe 22 minutes without commercials. WTF? It's like quests designed for people with short attention spans. Next episode he goes after Excalibur, which I'd be all over just for the vicarious travel, but again, it will only amount to 22 or so minutes of video. And they'll play intense music as he says something like, "look! the swallows are flying West. Circus performers swallow swords. Off to Picadilly Circus!!!"

Off to watch Big Brother, after seeing just what I'm up against clearing a wall in the storage room.

10:54 p.m. - Thursday, Jul. 14, 2011


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